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Whisper to me your Sweet Nothing...♪
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24th-Dec-2010 10:43 pm - 2011 Cosplay Lists;

before I'm going on Haitus until the end of this long holidays (after new year possibly) I kinda want to post these possible list of cosplays I've been planing for next year. Like usual they might be some more to add in or drop out depend on situations in the future. I've learn from this year that winter is probably most productive time I should be finising these cosplays than randomly add them in like i did this year.... DX

Convention Plans::

[to be update like WHOA]

Angel Beats – Otonashi Yuzuru
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – Kinoshita Hideyoshi
Midnight Navy  – Zero
Macross Frontier – Sheryl Nome (Galaxy Tour Poster, Black Bunny?)
Vocaloid – Kagamine Rin (Secret black vow)  

Macross Fronteir - Sheryl Nome (Obelisk)
Highschool of the dead - Busujima Saeko
Hakuouki - Toudou Heisuke (Western/Military)
Kuroshitsuji - Ciel Phantomhives
Starry Sky - Tomoe You

Oofuri – Mihashi Ren
Hetalia – Finland (casual, apron, beach), Japan (Gakuen)
Toradora! – AisakaTaiga
Togainu – Akira
Hakuouki – Toudou Heisuke  (SSL ver.)
Inazuma Eleven – Endou Mamoru
MacrossF – Klan Klan
Sweet Pool – Youji

Photoshoot Only;
Macross Fronteir - Sheryl Nome (Love Slinger, )
Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku (Rolling Girl), Megurine Luka (Taiyou to Tsuki no Rondo)
Midnight Navy - Tomcat, Yamato, I-8, Yorktown, U-Boat

I know there are more probablt LOL...I just don't remember all...if anyone want to remind me some of them please go ahead.

Last but not least...


I will see you guys next year ;D

25th-Oct-2010 04:21 am - And then I became a submarine....


Sorry....I just feel accomplished LOL XD Well, it started when I decided to dig the pile of fabric I have, because I want to sew something really bad....and there it is white twill, which I have left over from Japan's 3rd unifrom...(YUSTHIRDSHUTUPKAYTHANKS).... XD and I was looking over at the design from Rokuzaki-san...and notice that few characters used the same uniform XDDD so Why not make it? XD and since i'm planing to cosplay Yamato and I-8 eventually...so I SEW IT WOOO <3

But due to my lazy ass....;w; it finished later than I thought it would be...usually...2 days are more than enough...this took me almost a week LOL....too many shinny things distracting me ;.;.... and No 2 days is not rushing or anything....it's my regular speed... Anyway, It's done. I'm gonna try to call my photographer tomorrow....he always disappear when i need him OTL ;.; but here's some test pics....the light was so bad OTL ;.;  need more dark circles under my eyes Y/Y?



Japanisches Kaiserreich Mitternacht Marine is a comic by Rokuzaki, and can be found here. If you do not know of the disclaimer, please read it here.
AND NO....IT'S NOT failed!JAPAN,KAY THANKS! XD....now..off to nom my noodle woooo <3

Ps. need midnight navy Icon like really bad  OTL XD

19th-Oct-2010 06:01 am - Should be Sleeping but...

..why am I still sewing???!  I got distracted by too many shinny things OTL ;w;and Stephen send my Sheryl pics from phototoshoot to me...so i was ooggling over them for a while... I did look skinnier than last time O.o.... FFF sonteen12  asked me if i lost more weight since otakon, well...according to scale, No... DX but according to my pants, yes O.o... DX i don't even know anymore....my goal is to lose at least 5 more lbs. ;w; can that be happening?

By the way Sheryl Pic!

MF-Good Bye, My Beloved

by *
astachan on deviantART

YEAH CAUSE I'M BIASED AHAHAHA!!! XD I didn't even write full con-report but I'm posting this LOL(I did but my laptop gor fuck up and restart by itself ;w; ) Anywayyyyy....I wasn't in the shoot though but I just went to take pics and drool and fangirling XD I was screaming without voice the whole time LOL Okay...enough spazzing...



Seriously, I felt sad  could make anything in time ;w;....darn cold and fever... OTL ....But you guys made my day so it doesn't really matter anyway <3 So thank you for cosplaying it and motivate me to work on my cosplay XDDD I hope i can play with you guys soon <333


Darn...it's been so long since I last update my lj O.o or that's how i feel LOL So my last convention for this year is done! I feel like i just move mountain out of my chest LOL

NYCC/NYAF was okay. overcrowded though x.x i don't think i need to write any con report LOL But Sunday was so awesome cause I had a chance to fangirling yeu  , shiroro  and amecandy  doing The Cats from Midnight  Navy *A*!!! I drooled all over myself LOLOL (well not really but close) XD

probably gonna take few days off from sewing...and then wed I will start fabric shopping again for Zero-kun cause I'm such a fangirl dammit!! and Some more fabric  for Sheryl XD... I'm still obsessed with this woman FFFF She owns my soul >D

My voice came back a bit....probably tomorrow might be able to talk OTL ;w;

Beside my legs/feet are hurt really bad and the cold. I am a happy lad XDDD
25th-Aug-2010 04:46 am - Alive...still...

These passed week I haven't been online much as I used to be. Too much work, so little time to do anything else when I was so tired. I want to work on cosplays that I need to make for NYAF but I'm being lazy and unmotivated. I want to finish (not really)new books that I've bought these last couple months. But everything kinda stop because of my body couldn't take anymore beating and I kinda faint after work almost everynight.

I should be working on some cosplays soon, I got fabrics for few of cosplays. still need to order wigs.... OTL...

I'm so tired i just want to drop everything and stop doing anything...like at all. But I know I can't. I'm a (wo)man of my words. When I say I will get it done. IT WILL BE DONE. except something unavoidable happened that is...

I want new laptop...but probably after NYAF.... T.T fucking shit if i don't go to NYAF...I can actually buy a new one within next week.... fuck my con life....




Oh well...I guess....i'm gonna go back to sleep now..i need a really long sleep...this new neighbor of mine is so friggin noisy...it's 4 IN THE MORNING GO TO SLEEP MORONS!! 

21st-Aug-2010 03:44 am - NEW LAYOUT FFF

Seriously, I just used existed stylesheet by kuribati 

And This is Serious Result from Finishing "Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ "


astachan  astachan  astachan  astachan 





 Empty Diamond Crevasse

When I was in love with God
I didn’t think that such a parting would come
If I couldn’t ever touch you again
Then I’d want you to embrace me again for the last time at least

It’s long long good-bye…

Goodbye, goodbye, over and over again
I tell myself as best as I can
Waving my hand is kindness, right?
Now, I want strength

I encountered you; the STAR shined and I was born
Indeed if I love, indeed if there’s i
Waiting for a hopeless miracle, what will become of me?
The twinkle of planets stained with tears is gone…

I won’t forget your warmth
Your kindness, and your hands that surrounded everything
It’s long long good-bye…

Goodbye, goodbye, beloved one
If you were with me, I would’ve been able to walk here
I wasn’t alone, right?
Now, I want the answer

Catch the comets that seem to be burning and light the fire
I want to love, I want to be loved
By one chilled body, what will become of the world?
The bravado that I kept up is dissolving; long for…

What’s the matter? My tears overflow and they can’t stop

I encountered you; the STAR shined and I was born
Indeed if I love, indeed if there’s i
Waiting for a hopeless miracle, what will become of me?
The twinkle of planets stained with tears is gone…

If I am reborn and we can come across each other again
Surely you’ll find me then
Don’t ever let go of me again, catch me
I want you to whisper, “You’re not alone” to me, planet…

* * * * * * * *

"Ranka-Chan, If you're the songstress of Hope......"
"Then,........I'll sing, even in the depths of Despair..."

... and that is another reason This woman own my soul.

Even my heart is broken. I will continue walking.....I don't blame anyone of what had happened. There are things in life that I am here to do. And I will do it with everything that were made of me.

It's been almost 5 years since I live here by myself. They just decided to plan a visit WHEN my youngest sister is coming here for exchange program. well they WERE HERE in the us but they decided they were too busy to come.

I don't even know anymore...It's not like I don't miss them or anything, I do. And to think that just because my sister will be here that's why they plan a visit. If she wasn't, would they actually come here to visit me?

Oh well...i was't a daugther they want me to be anyway, I guess a failure like me wasn't as important to them anymore. 

And fuck!! I want to sew but i have no materials!! *rages*
7th-Aug-2010 03:50 am - Since I have no talent..

......I might as well just fucking stop torture everyone with my shitty works.


Don't know what came over me, but looking at my cosplay make me want to fucking rip all of it and throw in trash. I hate my ugly face, I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror... Fuck everything...



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